A Reconfigurable System to Enhance the Work Envelope of a Solid Freeform Fabrication System

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Dwivedi, Rajeev
Sinha, Ayush
Ebburu, Pranav
Saxena, Yash
Haque, Shabab
Kulkarni, Shaunak

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University of Texas at Austin


Size and aspect ratio of parts created by Solid freeform fabrication systems is limited by the configuration of equipment. Also referred to as Axes, the maximum reach of material deposition end effector determines the maximum size of the part that can be built. Inherent to most the SFF system is the drive configuration that limits the extent of the reach of the end effector. This paper proposes an alternate architecture that overcomes the drive limitations and hence provides an ability to enhance the work envelope. Two systems proposed include – (1) Cartesian axis stacking and (2) Common Vehicle arrangement. The system drive may be built such that multiple units can be combined and reconfigured to expand the total work envelope.


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