Using existing highway right-of-way for high-speed passenger trains : a comprehensive evaluation

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Larsen, Katherine Anne, 1976-

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The implementation of high-speed passenger trains (HST) within existing highway right-of-way (ROW) offers a solution for regions with a demand for the capacity and service offered by HST but lacking the support for sharing freight rail ROW or acquiring new ROW corridors. The states of Florida, Colorado, California and Nevada propose to use highway ROW for their HST projects to increase the capacity of the corridor, prevent or minimize impacts and prevent disruption of freight rail operations. Despite the constraints of using existing highway ROW, such as speed-limiting degrees of curvature and safety concerns, solutions and mitigation measures exist. The purpose of this thesis is to present the HST projects in the United States proposing use of highway ROW, the potential benefits and engineering issues to consider and the feasibility of using the existing I-35 ROW in Texas for HST.



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