The rise of the millennial cohort : a case study of the effects on San Francisco’s rental housing market




Garcia, Jessica Christina

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This report studies the rise of the millennial cohort and the effects an influx of young people may be having on San Francisco’s rental housing stock. This cohort is the largest since the Baby Boom generation. With delayed household formation in the wake of the economic recession, they are only now beginning to express their household preferences that have thus far proven to be unconventional compared to those of prior generations. Instead of buying homes in the suburbs, many are moving toward urban centers where they can live close to work and play. In the media, millennials have been stigmatized for causing gentrification as they move into once affordable working class neighborhoods. Many move to these neighborhoods for their cultural vibrancy but end up being blamed for displacing those who created it. San Francisco prior to the millennial trend had already had its own unique affordable housing challenges and has always been one of the most expensive cities in the country. However in recent years, housing costs have skyrocketed. There are many pieces to the puzzle but this report will research what possible pressures the millennial cohort may be having on San Francisco’s most recent wave of gentrification. If the case is significant, it could provide insight in finding much needed solutions to San Francisco’s affordable housing problem.


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