Automated Fabrication of Monolithic and Ceramic Matrix Composites via Laminated Object Manufacturing (LaM)

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Klosterman, Don
Chartoff, Richard
Osborne, Nora
Graves, George

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This report summarizes recent developments in a research program for fabricating advanced monolithic and ceramic matrix composite parts using Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM). Both silicon carbide (SiC) and SiC/SiC composites are discussed. The LOM process is used to produce green forms that are then densified using various post processing operations. The monolithic ceramic LOM process was advanced through the implementation of an automated solvent spray bonding step, significant improvement in decubing with new software, and an intensive round ofmechanical characterization. The LOM process for making CMC green forms is fully developed. This entailed implementing a process for making suitable SiC fiber preforms, a laser cutting capability, a decubing strategy, and a binder resin cure procedure. Further research is ongoing for the post processing pyrolysis and reaction bonding steps as discussed herein.



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