"We are strong, proud, hardworking and passionate lovers..." : Creole men social memory, and self-representation of masculinity




Hodgson Suarez, Eva Yadira

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“We Are Strong, Proud, Hardworking and Passionate Lovers...”: Creole men Social Memory and Self-Representation of Masculinity, is a product of qualitative research conducted in Bluefields Nicaragua in the summer of 2017. It examines Creole men’s notions and enactment of manhood and their relation to patriarchal respectability. This study delves into Creole men’s reminiscences of the construction of their masculinity, their self-representation, and their understanding of these complex processes as a means to comprehend how patriarchy defines gendered roles and structures Creoles’ interactions on a daily basis. I argue that heterosexual Creoles’ masculinity is based on patriarchal respectability which is forged through the assimilation of gendered based behaviors facilitated through processes of inculcation and emulation enforced by parenting models, community parenthood, and church indoctrination. Creole men believe that their enactment of chauvinism is at a lower level when compared to mestizos and Indigenous men. They understand themselves as proud, strong, hardworking, and passionate lovers.


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