Voiceprint Vault : voice authentication service




Henderson, Paul Martin

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In a world dominated by smartphones, cloud computing, and online accounts, security of personal and corporate data is a critical concern. Voiceprint Vault provides a voice authentication service that can be used in a multitude of applications to secure sensitive data. Voiceprint Vault includes the following high-level features:

  • Cloud-based voice authentication using trusted signal processing algorithms
  • Multifactor authentication with use of optional password
  • Cross-platform compatibility using secure web requests to authenticate
  • Built-in storage and synching of private user data
  • Java library to facilitate integration with Android applications The Voiceprint Vault service allows users of an application to create an account, provide a voice sample, and then access the account with a simple spoken phrase. When users access their account, their voice sample is analyzed and compared to their training recordings. This system can be tailored to the needs of a particular user with per-user security options. It provides the convenience of voice access, but also allows for a password to be used for increased security. The Voiceprint Vault service is designed to allow application developers to integrate an existing, tested authentication system into their app rather than creating their own authentication system. The Voiceprint Vault server provides application specific repositories that developers can create to hold all user data, cryptographic information, and voice samples. The user data stored on the Voiceprint Vault server provides built-in synchronization across all connected devices. A reference implementation is provided that demonstrates the use of Voiceprint Vault authentication. The reference implementation is an Android app that uses the voice authentication service to protect access to personal notes, tasks, and dates that are synched across devices. Detailed instructions for integrating Voiceprint Vault into an existing application are also provided with the reference implementation. The accuracy of voiceprint authentication was investigated and optimized for a set of sample users and recordings. The security features and dangers of such a system are described along with recommendations for safe use. The optimal parameters to be used in the voice authentication algorithms are also presented in this report.



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