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Jiménez, Carlos

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Architectural projects and/or sites mentioned: Round Stone Barn (1826) (Hancock, Massachusetts) ; Brown Pavilion, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (Mies van der Rohe, 1966-1969) (Houston, Texas) ; Williams College Museum of Art Addition (Charles Willard Moore, 1976-1986) (Williamstown, Massachusetts) ; Jimenez House and Studio (Carlos Jiménez, 1983-1984/1993-1994) (Houston, Texas) ; Houston Fine Art Press (Carlos Jiménez, 1985-1987) (Houston, Texas) ; House along the Rio Grande (unbuilt) (Carlos Jiménez, 1987-1988) (Del Rio, Texas) ; Lynn Goode Gallery (Carlos Jiménez, 1990-1991) (Houston, Texas) ; Central Administration and Junior School Building, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (Carlos Jiménez, 1991-1994) (Houston, Texas) ; Neuhaus House (Carlos Jiménez, 1991-1994) (Houston, Texas) ; Saito House (Carlos Jiménez, 1992-1993) (Houston, Texas) ; Lott House (Carlos Jiménez, 1992-1994) (Houston, Texas) ; Wilson Ranch House (Carlos Jiménez, 1992-1994) (Brooks County, Texas) ; Spencer Studio Art Building, Williams College (Carlos Jiménez, 1993-1996) (Williamstown, Massachusetts)

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