Topology and Cache Coherence in Knights Landing and Skylake Xeon Processors




McCalpin, John

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Intel's second-generation Xeon Phi (Knights Landing) and Xeon Scalable Processor ("Skylake Xeon") are both based on a new 2-D mesh architecture with significant changes to the cache coherence protocol. This talk will review some of the most important new features of the coherence protocol (such as "snoop filters", "memory directories", and non-inclusive L3 caches) from a performance analysis perspective. For both of these processor families, the mapping from user-visible information (such as core numbers) to spatial location on the mesh is both undocumented and obscured by low-level renumbering. A methodology is presented that uses microbenchmarks and performance counters to invert this renumbering. This allows the display of spatially relevant performance counter data (such as mesh traffic) in a topologically accurate two-dimensional view. Applying these visualizations to simple benchmark results provides immediate intuitive insights into the flow of data in these systems, and reveals ways in which the new cache coherence protocols modify these flows.


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