ClicaBrasil: Portuguese Language and Culture for Intermediate Students

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Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning


ClicaBrasil ( was designed to teach the Portuguese language in the context of Brazilian culture to in- termediate and advanced language learners. It can be successfully used either in classroom settings or in autonomous learning situations. The website and textbook comprise an open curriculum that includes seven units based on culturally rich literary texts. In addition, the curriculum contains 157 authentic and unscripted videos of Brazilians from all regions and sectors of society speaking sponta- neously about their lives, their country, and topics that arise from these readings. Each unit contains hundreds of activities that hone language skills while raising awareness about contemporary Brazilian society. The activities are accompanied by a helpful answer-key. ClicaBrasil also provides a grammar bank with concise explanations about verb tenses and conjugations as well as a vocabulary list for each chapter. Designed to accompany the website, the ClicaBrasil textbook is downloadable for free in PDF format and is also available for purchase as a print-on-demand book from Amazon and Lulu. com.


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