Intersections: Women's and Gender Studies in Review across Disciplines




University of Texas at Austin

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Table of Contents: INTRODUCTION -- Introduction / by Jacqueline Angel (p. 10-13) -- ARTICLES -- Warriors and Survivors: Constructing the Gendered Cancer Patient as Hero / by Kathryn Burrows (p. 14-36) -- Gendered Discourses & Fat Bodies: “Healthy” Reshaping on The Biggest Loser / by Sarah Murray (p. 37-57) -- Does this Make me Look Fat?: The Answer’s not in Black and White / by Alena Singleton (p. 58-82) -- Negotiating Sexual Authority: Iranian Women and Their Subversive Discourse of Birth Control / by Tahereh Aghdasifar (p. 83-102) -- Educating African Sexuality: Processes of Gendering in Sexual Health Messages Films, The Case of Yellow Card / by Allison McGuffie (p. 103-133) -- BOOK REVIEW -- Development with a Body: Sexuality, Human Rights and Development by A. Cornwall, S. Corrêa, & S. Jolly (Eds.) / by Joy Learman (p. 134-136) -- CREATIVE PIECES -- Distortion / by Angela Finley (p. 137) -- I’m Cautious / by Nathaniel Weber (p. 138-139) -- Hysteria / by Kimberly Dolan (p. 140) – CONTRIBUTORS (p. 141-143) – CALL FOR PAPERS (p. 144)


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