A joint model of residential relocation choice and underlying causal factors




Kortum, Katherine
Paleti, Rajesh
Bhat, Chandra R.
Pendyala, Ram M.

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Transportation Research Board of the National Academies


Residential location choice is a key determinant of activity-travel behavior and yet, little is known about the underlying reasons why people choose to move, or not move, residences. Such understanding is critical to being able to model residential location choices over time, and design built environments that people find appealing. This paper attempts to fill this gap by developing a joint model of the choice to move residence and the primary reason for moving (or not moving). The model is estimated on the Florid a subsample of the 2009 National Household Travel Survey. Model results shed considerable light on the socioeconomic and demographic variables that impact household decision whether to move residence and the primary reason underlying that decision.


At the time of publication K. Kortum, R. Paleti, and C.R. Bhat were at the University of Texas at Austin; and R.M. Pendyala was at Arizona State University.

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Kortum, K., R. Paleti, C.R. Bhat, and R.M. Pendyala (2012), "Joint Model of Residential Relocation Choice and Underlying Causal Factors," Transportation Research Record, Vol. 2303, pp. 28-37.