Time-domain modeling and validation of overcurrent/reclosing relay operation

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Lwin, Min Naing

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The primary goal of this work is to develop a PSCAD/EMTDC simulation model which can emulate the reclosing capabilities of an actual reclosing relay. The first part of this work will demonstrate the capabilities of a commercially available, microprocessor-based reclosing relay, the SEL-551c. Next, a computer simulation model of this relay's reclosing capability will be developed in PSCAD/EMTDC and validated. The performance of the model will be compared to the performance of the SEL-551c. Because it is impractical to test the relay operation under fault conditions in a real distribution system, fault characteristics will be determined in PSCAD. Utilizing a test system for the SEL relay, we can show the accuracy of the PSCAD recloser model compared to the SEL-551c relay for similar fault scenarios. The validation is done by analyzing the data from the simulation and experiment. The results show that both the PSCAD recloser model and SEL-551c operate close to the expected theoretical values.

The primary contribution of this work is the development of a PSCAD recloser model and validation with a real world reclosing relay. In previous works where recloser analysis was done in PSCAD, such as [14], recloser operation was manually accomplished. However, the recloser model developed in this work allows the user to enter any standard TCC equation that may be programmed into an actual relay and achieve similar results. The model is useful when analyzing larger distribution systems with multiple reclosers. Additionally, validating the PSCAD recloser model with a real world device provides confidence that the simulations provide reasonable and meaningful results.



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