ORNL Slicer 2: A Novel Approach for Additive Manufacturing Tool Path Planning

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Roschli, Alex
Messing, Andrew
Borish, Michael
Post, Brian K.
Love, Lonnie J.

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University of Texas at Austin


ORNL Slicer is the first software designed to generate machine instructions, or tool paths, from CAD files for large-scale 3D printing of metals and polymers. The software was revolutionary because it allowed for slicing of models reaching 20 feet long, generating millions of lines of G-Code in seconds. The structure of the first ORNL Slicer had limitations in its framework, which has led to the development of ORNL Slicer 2. In the second version of the slicer, the process is modularized with individual layers being divided into regions, smarter infill patterns, and traversals are generated based upon stress, thermal, and other models. The new software has also been structured to allow for slicing and reslicing based on machine feedback during the printing process.


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