Efficacy of telepractice as a service delivery model for teaching AAC symbols to an adult with severe communication impairment and ASD : a case study




Morris, Madison Anne

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The purpose of this case study was to evaluate the effectiveness of telepractice as a service delivery model in teaching graphic symbols depicting emotions to an individual with severe Autism Spectrum Disorder and limited functional communication. The adult participant was trained to identify Picture Communication Symbols® (PCS®) over the Zoom™ platform. The procedures included a baseline followed by intervention and a generalization probe. During baseline, the participant’s ability to identify Picture Communication Symbols® and Symbolstix® depicting emotions was measured. The intervention focused on teaching identification of PCS® depicting emotions using systematic instruction. Generalization across symbol sets was measured using Symbolstix® symbols. Results indicated that the participant’s identification of PCS® symbols that depict emotions increased by 50% from baseline to post-intervention. The participant’s generalization to untrained Symbolstix® symbols increased by 18.75%. These preliminary results indicate potential for using telepractice platform for teaching abstract symbols to adults with severe Autism Spectrum Disorder.


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