Study on the Influence of Rapid Prototyping Parameters on Product Quality in 3D Printing




Arumaikkannu, G.
Anilkumar, N.
Saravanan, R.

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This work aims at evaluating the relative significance of the input parameters on the product quality produced by Z510 3DP rapid fabricator. Taguchi’s L18 orthogonal array was employed to investigate the possible process parameters including binder setting saturation value (shell & core), layer thickness, and build orientation. Using a surface profilometer and CMM, a series of measurements in evaluating the 3DP products surface finish and dimensional accuracy has been carried out. Nonlinear regression model was developed and a statistical analysis was done to determine the significant factors affecting the product quality of the fabricated products. Optimal process parameter settings were proposed using Particle Swarm Optimization technique. The results were validated by conducting the confirmatory experiments.


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