Annotated Bibliography of Techniques for Image Enhancement and Interpretation in Remote Sensing

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Finley, Robert J.
Baumgardner, Jr., Robert W.

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The purpose of this annotated bibliography is to provide the user of the Remote Sensing Information Subsystem (RSIS) with brief descriptions of recent research techniques of image enhancement and their applications to specific image interpretation problems. Table 2 of the May 1979 ASVT/RSIS Technical Report entitled "Functional Design Narrative Descriptions" listed digital image processing requirements of the RSIS. The references in this bibliography were chosen because they describe these processing requirements. The format of that table was modified slightly and used as the outline for Section One of this bibliography.

The bibliography is not intended to be an exhaustive compilation of all pertinent articles. Such a collection would be outdated as soon as it was printed. It does, however, contain a broad sampling of the recent remote sensing literature. We tried not to include multiple references to the same technique, but some repetition was necessary in order to fully describe some procedures of image enhancement and interpretation.


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