Controlled release nanoparticulate matter delivery system

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Aswath, Pranesh B.
Shiakolas, Panayiotis S.
Blanco, Letia M.
Godfrey, Kyle C.
Grace, Christopher A.
Alberts, Christopher B.
Patin, Andrew E.

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United States Patent and Trademark Office


A controlled release nanoparticulate matter delivery system includes a plurality of thermoresponsive modules containing a respective nanoparticulate matter. Each thermoresponsive module is selectively operable in at least one of a heating mode that releases the nanoparticulate matter and a cooling mode that inhibits release of the nanoparticulate matter. A control module is in electrical communication with the plurality of thermoresponsive modules. The control module is configured to determine a temperature of each thermoresponsive module and to select the at least one heating mode and cooling mode based on the temperature. The heating and cooling mode may be selected in response to a desired dosing profile and/or a biometric condition.



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