Dilemma of a Dyslexic Man




Smith, Bert Kruger

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Hogg Foundation for Mental Health



Dilemma of a Dyslexic Man is a true story. It was printed originally for the Twentieth Annual Conference of Southwest Foundations. This edition contains additional material. Although Dwayne’s case is more extreme than that of many dyslexics, his use of the medium of educational television and his multiple coping mechanisms have helped him to become knowledgeable in many fields. At this time no startling improvement in reading has been effected through private class work, but Dwayne continues with his medication and with use of talking books for the blind. He is enrolled as a full-time university student and is making excellent grades. Two faculty members from The University of Texas at Austin served as critic readers for the original manuscript. We appreciate the help of Dr. William Harmer, associate professor of curriculum and instruction and director of the Learning Disabilities Center, and Dr. Norris Davis, professor of journalism, who read the document for content, authenticity, and style.

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