Resiliency in the Age of COVID-19: A Policy Toolkit

Pedigo, Steven W.
Evans, Angela M.
Kettl, Donald F.
Suri, Jeremi
Reeves, D. Cale
Shastry, Vivek
Rai, Varun
Galbraith, James K.
Lind, Michael
Luby, Martin J.
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Twenty-nine LBJ School authors have come together to craft interdisciplinary and resilience-based policy solutions in one toolkit called Resiliency in the Age of COVID-19. In 18 articles that span public management, climate change, economic development, national security and more, LBJ School policy authors provide a forward-thinking lens on what went wrong and what leadership, public policies and initiatives it will take to fix the system flaws exposed by the pandemic. Published during the LBJ School’s 50th anniversary year, the toolkit also provides a snapshot of the school’s depth and breadth of policy and research engagement at this moment in time.