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Jackson, Jeremy

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The biodiversity of the oceans is in critical decline. Major drivers of the Brave New Ocean include over-exploitation, destruction of habitats, globalization of species, ocean warming, poisoning of food webs, and the rise of slime. The future of coral reefs is threatened by over fishing, trawling, introduced species, warming, and pollution, along with many other drivers of change. There is little public or general scientific awareness of the scale of the changes that have occurred or their implications for the future. The challenge for sustainability in the oceans is to develop successful management and conservation strategies. -- What Can I Do? -- Shifting Baselines is a "media project" -- a partnership between ocean conservation and Hollywood to help bring attention to the severity of ocean decline. We are not an action group and we do not have any membership to join. If we have done our job well and you are motivated to help protect the world's oceans, then PLEASE join one, some, or all of our PARTNER groups. Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch - Print a wallet-sized card with info on which seafood is sustainable and which isn't. Blue Ocean Institute, Guide to Ocean Friendly Seafood

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