Spawning of marine fishes in the Port Aransas, Texas area as determined by the distribution of young and larvae




Hoese, H. Dickson

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There are several indices used to determine time of spawning of marine fishes, but most studies necessarily do not observe actual spawning. These methods include collection of maturing adults and collection of young fish, larvae, and eggs. The closer one comes to observing the actual moment of fertilization such as shown by ripe adults and recently fertilized eggs the better one can define the limits of the breeding season, and thereby learn something of factors affecting it. These statements are still simplifications since maturation may be a lengthy process preceeding spawning, and may be influenced by still other factors. Due to obvious difficulties spawning periods are known almost entirely by the occurrence of young fish or larvae, but this probably gives relatively accurate information well within the natural variability of spawning limits. Thus the purpose of this study is to determine the time and duration of spawning seasons of marine species near Port Aransas, Texas, using almost entirely collections of larvae and young fish