An Investigation of the Material Properties of Laser Sintered Parts Incorporating Conformal Lattice Structures (CLS™) Technology

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Cooke, A.L.
Folgar, C.E.
Folgar, L.N.
Williams, J.
Park, S.
Rosen, D.W.

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University of Texas at Austin


Cellular materials, including foams, honeycombs, lattices, and similar constructions, offer the key advantages of high strength-to-weight ratios and favorable energy absorption characteristics. The concept of designed cellular materials enables customized material placement to best suit the demands of specific applications or achieve particular performance targets. The design, generation, and fabrication of conformal lattice structures via laser sintering are at the center of the disruptive manufacturing technologies proposed by 3D Systems Corporation. The primary work reported here is the maturation and mechanical testing of the conformal lattice structure technology developed between 3D Systems Corporation and the Georgia Institute of Technology.


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