Optimization of Powder Layer Density in Selective Laser Sintering




Karapatis, N.P.
Egger, G.
Gygax, P.E.
Glardon, R,

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An important parameter for the overall quality of SLS parts is the density of powder layers before sintering. Previous studies have shownthatthe control of powder particle shape and size distribution can increase the density of non-packed powder beds. However, these studies concerned beds several orders of magnitude larger than the SLS layers. The purpose ofthis study. is to determine if,and to what extent, the density of thin powder layers can be ineteased. Experiments show that the density of thin layers increases from 53% to 63% when adding 30% fine powder to the coarse powder,/with a coarse-to-fine ratio of 1:10. Compared with the bulk experiments, this density improvement method is less efficient, because the particles do not arrange as efficiently, and the wall effects can become predominant.



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