Sensor: Balkan Cauldron Back-up

dc.creatorSanger, Georgeen
dc.descriptionDisk image and Audio CD files migrated from a CD created by Team Fat for the game "Balkan Cauldron." The original CD consisted of 11 "tracks." Track 1 was written to the CD as a data track, but in actuality served as a file directory where Sanger stored several components (in .WAV, .MID, and .LSO formats) of the final product. These components include voice tracks, MIDI files, sound effects, and 8-bit and 16-bit versions of the music tracks. The .WAV tracks written to the CD as an Audio CD (Tracks 2 - 11) used these components found in Track 1.en
dc.description.departmentDolph Briscoe Center for American Historyen
dc.subjectVideo game musicen
dc.titleSensor: Balkan Cauldron Back-upen

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