Feasibility Study of Large-Sized Aluminum Facades by Using Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing




Yamagata, Y.
Sagawa, T.
Nitawaki, M.
Abe, T.

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Over the past few years, there has been growing interest in the fabrication of construction components by using wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM). We focused on the finishing materials as a potential application for WAAM and began to consider fabricating aluminum building facades. However, there are several issues, such as fabrication size of 4-5m, aesthetics, and structural performance. Therefore, a trial fabrication and a non- destructive static loading test were conducted. In the study, an aluminum chair was used as a model because it contains the engineering basis of the building facades. In the trial fabrication, a method of leveling the build surface for each of the multiple layers was found to be effective for large-sized fabrication. Bead blasting was also effective in removing oxides from aluminum surfaces and adjusting the appearance. In the loading test, both displacement and strain measurements agreed well with the FEM analytical values. The results showed that WAAM has the possibility of fabricating large-sized aluminum building facades with the structural performance expected in the FEM analysis.


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