Simplified Production of Large Prototypes using Visible Slicing

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Karunakaran, K. P.
Solanki, P. D.
Sahasrabudhe, Onkar S.
Pushpa, Vishal
Dwivedi, Rajeev
Kovacevic, Radovan

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Rapid Prototyping (RP) is a totally automatic generative manufacturing technique based on a “divide-and-conquer” strategy called ‘slicing’. Simple slicing used on 2.5-axis kinematics of the existing RP machines is responsible for the staircase error. Although thinner slices will have less error, the slice thickness has practical limits. Visible Slicing overcomes these limitations. A few visible slices exactly represent the object. Each visible slice can be realized using a 3- axis kinematics machine from two opposite directions. Visible slicing is implemented on Segmented Object Manufacturing (SOM) machine under development. SOM can produce soft large prototypes faster and cheaper with accuracy comparable to that of CNC machining.


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