Growth and study of transition metal dichalcogenides and distributed Bragg reflectors




Klatt, Alexander Otto

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This report discusses research at the University of Texas at Austin that is directed toward the production and study of thin films with noteworthy optical and electrical properties. The properties of transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers, such as MoS₂ and WSe₂, are discussed in the context of light-matter interactions to lead into an overview of exciton-polaritons and the efforts by researchers at the University to produce optical systems favorable to their creation and maintenance. This topic necessarily includes the work done to make highly engineered optical thin films known as distributed Bragg reflectors through an intensively controlled manufacturing process called atomic layer deposition. Attempts were made to produce a strong light-matter coupling in a system comprised of a MoS₂ monolayer sandwiched between two distributed Bragg reflectors made from alternating layers of Al₂O₃ and HfO₂. The results of those experiments are discussed, and so are those of an unsuccessful adaptation of a recipe for growing WSe₂ monolayers.


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