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About Research+Pizza: Wondering about the work your professors do outside of the classroom? Want to know more about how research is done? RESEARCH+PIZZA brings together UT students and researchers for informal lunchtime presentations and discussions. Join us once a month to talk about UT research that led to products and services we use every day, or that’s creating our future.Sponsored by the UT Libraries, where you can read more about research. Generously supported by Austin’s Pizza.



Location: UFCU Student Learning Commons, PCL 2.500 -- Speaker: Dr. Fritz Benedict (Astronomy), “Look to the Stars.” Sailing enthusiast and astronomer Dr. G. Fritz Benedict stops in from the McDonald Observatory to talk about his work with the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). Benedict has been involved with the HST project since 1993, using his access to research across a range of fields associated with the study of space — including astrometry, space astronomy, extragalactic astronomy, the search for and study of extrasolar planets and low-mass companions of stars, extraterrestrial life and star formation in external galaxies — and contributing to hundreds of published scientific papers. Benedict has been with the university since 1979, and has served numerous scientific organizations including leadership positions in the American Astronomical Society and the International Astronomical Union.

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