The Effect of Process Parameters and Mechanical Properties of Direct Energy Deposited Stainless Steel 316

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Izadi, Mojtaba
Farzaneh, Aidin
Gibson, Ian
Rolfe, Bernard

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University of Texas at Austin


Process parameters in Direct Energy Deposition (DED) Additive Manufacturing are playing an important role in order to fabricate desired parts. In this research, we studied the effect of 3 process parameters, namely laser power, scan speed and powder feed rate. Based on variation of these parameters, we examined macrostructure and mechanical properties of stainless steel 316 fabricated parts, employing an orthogonal L9 array using the Taguchi technique. The results showed laser power to be the most effective factor whereas scan speed and powder feed rate were respectively less effective. In addition, effect of height of deposition was also considered. The results indicated change in macrostructure with increasing height. Finally, validation of a previously defined energy density equation for the DED process was studied. The results clearly showed the current energy density equation cannot fully represent a relation between input energy and output geometry, macrostructure, and mechanical properties.


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