Layered Fabrication of Branched Networks Using Lindenmayer Systems

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Yasar, O.
Martin, M.
Harris, C.
Sun, S.
Starly, B.

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A current challenge impeding the growth of bone tissue engineering is the lack of functional scaffolds of geometric sizes greater than 10mm due to the inability of cells to survive deep within the scaffold. It is hypothesized that these scaffolds must have an inbuilt nutrient distribution network to sustain the uniform growth of cells. In this paper, we seek to enhance the design and layered fabrication of scaffold internal architecture through the development of Lindenmayer systems, a graphical language based theory to create nutrient delivery networks. The scaffolds are fabricated using the Texas Instruments DLP™ system through UV‐photopolymerization to produce polyethylene glycol hydrogels with internal branch structures. The paper will discuss the Lindenmayer system, process planning algorithms, layered fabrication of samples, challenges and future tasks.


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