Net neutrality repeal : another rock on the road of a suffering music genre




López Linares, César Edmundo

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In December 2017, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to reverse Net Neutrality laws, which prohibited Internet service providers from blocking content, throttling speeds or charging more for faster Internet. Repealing that regulation will have multiple effects in all industries that use the Internet, music included. Experts believe that without Net Neutrality, independent artists will struggle to distribute their music and promote their careers. In Texas, Tejano music is a genre that is especially vulnerable to the Net Neutrality repeal since it lacks sufficient radio support, publicists, media coverage and other basic elements needed to succeed in the music industry. The Internet has been the main means by which the genre has managed to survive for the last decade. But, the Tejano music community maintains a ray of optimism that it will overcome this obstacle, just as it has done with a whole series of adversities that have kept this Texas roots music in danger of extinction.


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