Investigation of approach flow parameters, scaling factors, and measurement accuracy for film cooling effectiveness and heat transfer coefficient measurements




Anderson, Joshua Brian

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Film cooling is widely used in gas turbine engines to manage temperatures within the hot section of the engine. In this work, several investigations are described, all of which studied how fundamental hydrodynamic and thermal parameters influence the performance of film cooling. The first investigation studied the impact of freestream turbulence, boundary layer thickness, Reynolds number, and Mach number on film cooling performance, using axial shaped film cooling holes. The second study considered a similar set of parameters, and investigated their impact on compound-angle oriented film cooling holes. Both of these studies utilized measurements of adiabatic effectiveness and heat transfer coefficient augmentation. In general, the parameters had effects which were dependent on the coolant flow rate and density ratio. The final study considered methods to reduce the experimental uncertainty which arises from conduction and radiation errors in thermal measurements. A careful evaluation of the thermal boundary layer was used to validate these corrections


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