Catalogue of the University of Texas, Main University, Austin, Department of Medicine, Galveston, 1902-1903




University of Texas at Austin

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University of Texas at Austin




Contents: UNIVERSITY CALENDAR (p.1) -- BOARD OF REGENTS (p.5) -- THE FACULTY AND OTHER OFFICERS OF THE UNIVERSITY (p.7) -- THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS: Historical Sketch (p.15) -- Government (p.18) -- Discipline (p.20) -- General Policy (p.22) -- Co-education (p.22) -- Session and Terms (p.22) -- DEPARTMENT OF LITERATUBE, SCIENCE, AND ABTS: Faculty (p.23) -- Standing Committees of the Faculty (p.26) -- Conditions of Admission (p.27) -- Time of Entrance Examinations (p.29) -- Information Concerning Class Work (p.34) -- Amount of Work (p.35) -- Selection of Courses (p.35) -- Grading and Examinations (p.36) -- Classification of Students (p.37) -- Requirements for Degrees (p.39) -- Announcements of Courses of Instruction (p.47) -- Location and Equipment (p.113) -- Associations and Societies (p.126) -- Academic Honors (p.131) -- Publications (p.135) -- University Post office (p.135) -- Musical Organizations (p.135) -- Summer Schools (p.136) -- DEPARTMENT OF ENGINEERING: Faculty (p.138) -- Requirements for Admission (p.139) -- Courses of Instruction (p.143) – Drawing (p.144) -- Method of Instruction and Courses in Detail (p.146) -- Degree (p.151) -- Schedule of Hours (p.153) -- Equipment (p.154) -- SCHOOL OF MINES: Mining Engineering (p.155) -- Prescribed Studies (p.156) -- UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS MINERAL SURVEY (p.158) -- DEPARTMENT OF LAW: Faculty (p.161) -- Location (p.161) -- Government (p.161) – Discipline (p.162) -- Course of Study (p.162) -- Requirements for Admission (p.163) -- Courses of Instruction (p.168) -- Practice Courts (p.173) -- Prizes (p.174) – Libraries (p.174) – Expenses (p.175) -- DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE: Faculties (p.177) – Calendar (p.180) -- SCHOOL OF MEDICINE : Historical Sketch (p.181) -- Buildings and Equipment (p.181) -- Hospital Facilities (p.183) -- Plan of Instruction (p.183) -- Requirements for Admission (p.186) -- Departments of Instruction (p.189) -- Special Lectures (p.201) -- Library and Reading Room (p.206) -- Museums (p.206) -- University Hall (p.207) -- John Sealy Hospital (p.208) – Roster (p.224) -- Text-Books (p.228) -- Degrees and Honors (p.230) – Associations (p.232) -- Expenses (p.233) -- SCHOOL OF PHARMACY: General Information (p.236) -- Requirements for Admission, Promotion, and Graduation (p.237) -- Plan of Instruction (p.237) -- Departments of Instruction (p.238) – Roster (p.243) -- Text-Books (p.245) -- Degrees and Honors (p.245) -- Associations (p.246) – Expenses (p.246) -- SCHOOL OF NURSING: Staff of Instructors and Other Officers (p.249) -- General Information (p.250) -- Requirements for Admission (p.251) -- Course of Training and Instruction (p.253) – Text-Books (p.255) -- Roster (p.256) -- CATALOGUE OF STUDENTS: Department of Literature, Science, and Arts (p.259) -- Department of Engineering (p.292) -- Department of Law (p.298) -- Department of Medicine (p.304) -- SUMMARY OF STUDENTS IN THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS (p.312) -- DEGREES CoNFEBBED IN 1902 (p.315) -- APPENDIX: Entrance Requirements (p.318) -- Specimens of Entrance Examinations (p.331) -- Regulations Governing the Approval of High Schools (p.350) -- List of Affiliated Schools (p.352) – INDEX (p.359)

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