Update of Atlas of Major Texas Oil Reservoirs Data Base and Atlas of Major Texas Gas Reservoirs Data Base

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Updating both the "Atlas of Major Texas Oil Reservoirs: Database" (Holtz and others, 1991) and the "Atlas of Major Texas Gas Reservoirs: Database" (Garrett and others, 1991) centered on updating cumulative production data current to December 31, 1992, for reservoirs already in the database and adding new significant-sized reservoirs (cumulative production greater than 1 million barrels of oil equivalent) to the databases. Addition of new reservoirs to the database resulted in the modification of existing plays or the determination of new plays. Play boundaries were also modified to accommodate the additional reservoirs. Oil and gas production data used for the cumulative production update and the determination of significant-sized reservoirs were obtained from Dwight's Energy data. For reservoirs already included in the Atlas databases, annual production values were added to the cumulative production already determined by the Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG) or reported by the Railroad Commission of Texas. For new reservoirs, the cumulative production values reported by Dwight's Energy data were applied. Oil reservoirs originally listed in both databases because of large gas production were combined and now are listed only in the updated Oil Atlas database.


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