Cross-platform validation of notional baseline architecture models of naval electric ship power systems

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Ali, H.
Dougal, R
Ouroua, A
Hebner, R
Steurer, M
Andrus, M
Langston, J
Schoder, K
Hovsapian, R.

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To support efforts in assessing the relative merit of alternative power system architectures for future naval combatants, the Electric Ship Research and Development Consortium (ESRDC) has developed notional baseline models for each of the primary candidate architectures currently considered, medium-voltage DC (MVDC), conventional 60 Hz medium-voltage (MVAC), and high-frequency medium-voltage (HFAC). Initial efforts have focused on the development of a consistent set of component models, of which the system models can be comprised, and the basic definition of the system models. The broader objectives of the consortium, however, go beyond the definition of the baseline models. The focus is on the process by which the models are implemented in software and validated, the process by which the performance of the disparate system models are objectively and quantitatively assessed and compared, and, ultimately, the process by which the relative merits of the architectures may be assessed. This paper focuses specifically on cross-platform component validation.


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H. Ali, R. Dougal, A. Ouroua, R. Hebner, M. Steurer, M. Andrus, J. Langston, K. Schoder, and R. Hovsapian, >Cross-platform validation of notional baseline architecture models of naval electric ship power systems,> IEEE Electric Ship Technologies Symposium (ESTS 2011), Alexandria, Virginia, USA, April 10-13, 2011, pp. 78-83.