Cyclo[n]pyrroles and their applications

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Lee, Jeong Tae

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Cyclo[n]pyrrole, which was synthesized by Dr. Daniel Seidel in 2002, opened up a new chapter of expanded porphyrin chemistry and aroused great interest from physics, and material science as well as chemistry. This dissertation is a story about the efforts to investigate the chemical and physical properties of cyclo[n]pyrroles and to explore potential applications for those macrocycloes. Chapter 1 of this dissertation provides the chemical and electrochemical properties of cyclo[n]pyrroles. Chapter 2 presents the single-molecule spectroscopy of cyclo[n]pyrroles, porphyrin, and metal porphyrin complexes. The results from singlemolecule spectroscopy represent the similarities and differences between molecular ensemble and single-molecule measurement. Chapter 3 elaborates the perspiration to synthesize water-soluble cyclo[n]pyrroles as the prospective cancer agents. This project has a firm ground which was provided by the collaboration with Prof. Michael T. Bowers group as presented in Appendix 1. Finally, chapter 4 is the experimental section of this dissertation and provides a detailed description of the synthetic and other experimental procedures used for electrochemical and single-molecule spectroscopy.




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