The Apprenticeship Opportunity Center Demonstration Project: A Final Report




Mackay, Richard

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Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources


This .report gives the results of an 18 month demonstration project conducted to test the feasibility of establishing "one-stop" opportunity centers (AOCs) in the metropolitan areas of Portland, Oregon and Houston, Texas. An AOC is a centralized single-site intake center for all registered apprenticeship programs in an area. The purpose of an AOC is to simplify and streamline the apprenticeship application process by reducing information and job search time and expense for applicants and by reducing the time and expense expended by apprenticeship programs in disseminating information and administering the application process. The AOC was also to become the focal point for apprenticeship in the community in order to increase the knowledge and awareness of apprenticeship and to make apprenticeship available to a modem population.


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