Air-Coupled Surface Wave Transmission Measurement Across A Partially Closed Surface-Breaking Crack In Concrete




Kee, S. H.
Zhu, J. Y.

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Previous researchers have demonstrated that the transmission of surface waves is effective to estimate the depth of a surface-breaking crack in solids. However, most of the results were obtained using a well-defined crack (or notch) in laboratory. In fact, there is a critical gap to apply the theory to surface-breaking cracks in concrete structures subjected to external loadings where the cracks are generally ill-defined, and partially closed. In this study, the authors investigated transmission coefficients of surface waves across a partially closed surface-breaking crack in concrete subjected to monotonically increasing compressive loadings. First, a concrete beam (0.5 X 0.154 X 2.1 m(3)) having two surface-breaking cracks with various crack widths was prepared in laboratory. Second, transmission coefficients of impact-induced surface waves were measured across a surface-breaking crack in the concrete beam with increasing compressive loadings from 0 to 140kN (10% of the ultimate compressive strength of the concrete beam). External post-tensioning was used to apply the compression. For comparison purpose, sensitivity of surface wave velocity to compressive loading was also investigated. As a result, observations in this study reveal that transmission coefficient is a more sensitive acoustic parameter than phase velocity to evaluate a surface-breaking cracking in concrete subjected to compressive loadings.


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Seong‐Hoon Kee and Jinying Zhu. AIP Conference Proceedings 1335, 169 (Jun., 2011); doi: 10.1063/1.3591853