An Ejection Mechanism Design Method for AIM Tools

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Jangha, Sundiata K.
Rosen, David W.

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One of the key advantages of AIM tooling is time savings when producing small batch production quality parts. However, designing suitable ejection mechanisms is becoming a bottleneck. There are two goals of this paper. First, a model is presented that effectively characterizes the stresses on the mold core and part during injection molding. Second, a method is described for ejection system design. Our approach consists of a combination of analytical, computational, and physical experiments. The ejection system design method will first determine the feasibility of ejection for a particular part geometry, then will determine the number, sizes, and locations of ejector pins. Each phase of the method will be formulated into a Compromise Decision Support Problem, a multi-objective optimization problem formulation. An example will be presented to provide an idea of the robustness and the limitations of the method. Preliminary results indicate that this methodology is sound for a simple geometry.


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