Structurally Embedded Electrical Systems Using Ultrasonic Consolidation (UC)

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Siggard, Erik J.
Madhusoodanan, Anand S.
Stucker, Brent
Eames, Brandon

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Current research has demonstrated the use of Ultrasonic Consolidation (UC) to embed several USB-based sensors into aluminum, and is working toward embedding suites of sensors, heaters and other devices, connected via USB hubs, which can be monitored and controlled using an embedded USB capable processor. Additionally, the research has shown that electronics can be embedded at room temperature, but with some inter-layer delamination between the ultrasonically bonded aluminum layers. Embedding sensors and electronics at 300o F to overcome the delamination issues resulted in optimal bonding, and the sensors used thus far have functioned normally. Future investigation will explore other UC parameter combinations to ascertain the quality of embedding at lower temperatures.


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