Project finance : structure of project development from concept to operations

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Aryamane, Prasad Chandrakant

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With recent developments in the field of renewable power, it seems that we are ready to make a leap from wishing for a sustainable energy source to actually developing systems within the current political-economic framework to develop Solar Energy as a viable renewable energy source. In this thesis, I plan to study the path of development from concept to operations of a typical utility grade solar power plant, applying knowledge and experience of Engineering-Management developed over the course of my professional career.

Project finance thrives on the ability of the Company to eliminate exposures to risks as much as possible. Risks associated with project finance exist in the implementation, construction and operational phase, with the various stakeholders liable for the various elements. In essence, the basis of project finance is management of risk and its assignment to appropriate stakeholder in order to avoid incurring liability, through contractual agreements.



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