Chamber chip : an album of six pieces for instrument(s) and fixed media




Wilson, Zackery Joseph

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Chamber Chip is a thirty-five-minute musical album consisting of six pieces written for electronic fixed media and various instruments and instrumentations, including: solo piano, solo tuba, flute and cello duo, brass quintet, and saxophone quartet and piano. The album is essentially a compilation of commissioned works collectively governed by a common theme: the intersection and juxtaposition of chiptune, classical, and jazz musical elements. The first chapter of this dissertation examines the genesis of the album and its compositions, the definition of chiptune music and its underlying influence, and the challenges inherent in the medium. The second chapter is a piece-by-piece analysis of the album, complete with explanations of major motives, harmonic language, and formal structure. The Chamber Chip physical and digital CD album will be commercially released on the chiptune, electronic, and video game inspired music net label Ubiktune in its 2016 catalog year.



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