A proposed system for evaluating consultant PS & E performance

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Bruce, David Allen

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Consultant performance on PS&E projects oftentimes adversely impacts timely completion of TxDOT highway projects. TxDOT's ability to quickly and effectively choose well-qualified, capable consulting firms for executing new projects is enhanced by evaluating their past project performance, but TxDOT's present evaluation method inadequately differentiates consultants. This thesis reviews a wide variety of DOT and non-DOT evaluation systems, analyzes related expert feedback and critiques, and proposes an improved method for structuring TxDOT's consultant performance evaluation system. The proposed system enhances the consultant selection process and is devised to reward demonstrated performance excellence. The proposed system provides a standard for expected consultant performance and a non- financial incentive to encourage high quality and on-time consultant deliverables for highway PS&E projects. The proposed system is particularly suited for high priority projects and addresses the importance of maintaining a balance between quality and timeliness on these projects. The proposed system facilitates defendable, repeatable results by using objective evaluation factors and ratings. Recommendations for implementing the proposed system and for future research are also provided.