The growth of political democracy in the states, 1776-1828




Wise, Floy Singleton, 1902-

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In presenting this study I intended originally to trace the direct growth of democracy among the people of the different states of the Union; but, since I did not have access to the newspapers and other essential references published during this period, I found it necessary to modify my plan and to undertake the task of showing this growth indirectly. Knowing that the passage of laws which provided more democracy in the state governments was made possible only by the growth of the spirit of democracy among the people, I decided to undertake the task of showing the growth of democracy by tracing the changes in the state laws which led to more democratic governments. This was possible because I was able to find most of the state laws which were passed before 1828, while newspapers, debates of the members of the constitutional conventions, and other materials which were necessary in showing the growth of the democratic spirit among the people were not available