Strongly correlated and topological states in [111] grown transition metal oxide thin films and heterostructures

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Chakhalian, Jak
Liu, Xiaoran
Fiete, Gregory A.

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AIP Publishing


We highlight recent advances in the theory, materials fabrication, and experimental characterization of strongly correlated and topologi- cal states in [111] oriented transition metal oxide thin films and heterostructures, which are notoriously difficult to realize compared to their [001] oriented counterparts. We focus on two classes of complex oxides, with the chemical formulas ABO3 and A2B2O7, where the B sites are occupied by an open-shell transition metal ion with a local moment and the A sites are typically a rare earth element. The [111] oriented quasi-two-dimensional lattices derived from these parent compound lattices can exhibit peculiar geometries and symme- tries, namely, a buckled honeycomb lattice, as well as kagome and triangular lattices. These lattice motifs form the basis for emergent strongly correlated and topological states expressed in exotic magnetism, various forms of orbital ordering, topological insulators, topo- logical semimetals, quantum anomalous Hall insulators, and quantum spin liquids. For transition metal ions with high atomic number, spin–orbit coupling plays a significant role and may give rise to additional topological features in the electronic band structure and in the spectrum of magnetic excitations. We conclude this perspective by articulating open challenges and opportunities in this actively developing field.



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Jak Chakhalian, Xiaoran Liu, Gregory A. Fiete; Strongly correlated and topological states in [111] grown transition metal oxide thin films and heterostructures. APL Mater. 1 May 2020; 8 (5): 050904.