Sawwāq nuṣṣ al-layl




Muṣṭafá, Niyāzī
Shawqī, Farīd
ʻUthmān, Muḥammad
Sulṭān, Hudá

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al-Zamālik [Cairo] : Markaz al-Sharq al-Awsaṭ lil-Taswīq


An action dramatic work. Ḥasan was a driver on a van. A popular woman loved him and tried to seduce him. He turned her away because he loved his fiancée, his partener's daughter. The leader of a band became jealous from him because he loved that popular woman. They struggled and Ḥasan could defeat him. That woman planned to destroy Ḥasan in order to revenge for herself. She planned with the leader of the band to steal the van with its carriage. Ḥasan was acused and entered the jail. She paid the surety trying to win his heart. He tricked her to prove his innocence. Finally after many struggles the leader killed that woman because she tried to prevent him form killing Ḥasan. The police arrested the band and Ḥasan returned back to his fiancée.



Originally released as a motion picture by Aflām Miṣr al-Jadīdah, [1958]./ Sources used: videocassette container; Dalīl al-aflām fī al-qarn al-ʻishrīn, 2002, p. 290./ Partially viewed./ Participants: Hudá Sulṭān, Farīd Shawqī, Zahrat al-ʻUlá.

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