Experimental Test bed to De-Risk the Navy Advanced Development Model

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Strank, S
Feng, X
Gattozzi, A
Wardell, D
Pish, S
Herbst, J
Hebner, R.

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This paper presents a reduced scale demonstration test-bed at the University of Texas’ Center for Electromechanics (UT-CEM) which is well equipped to support the development and assessment of the anticipated Navy Advanced Development Model (ADM). The subscale ADM test bed builds on collaborative power management experiments conducted as part of the Swampworks Program under the US/UK Project Arrangement as well as non-military applications. The system includes the required variety of sources, loads, and controllers as well as an Opal-RT digital simulator. The test bed architecture is described and the range of investigations that can be carried out on it is highlighted; results of preliminary system simulations and some initial tests are also provided. Subscale ADM experiments conducted on the UT-CEM microgrid can be an important step in the realization of a full-voltage, full-power ADM three-zone demonstrator, providing a test-bed for components, subsystems, controls, and the overall performance of the Medium Voltage Direct Current (MVDC) ship architecture.


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S. Strank, X. Feng, A. Gattozzi, D. Wardell, S. Pish, J. Herbst, and R. Hebner, “Experimental Test Bed to De-Risk the Navy Advanced Development Model,” Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE Electric Ship and Technologies Symposium, Arlington, VA, August 15-17, 2017