Time synchronization and controlled asynchronization of remote trigger signals

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Robert H. Flake

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United States Patent and Trademark Office


A mechanism is disclosed for transmitting pulses onto respective cables so that the pulses arrive at the remote ends of the respective cables in synchronized (or controllably asynchronized) fashion. First, the round-trip time of flight of each cable is measured using speedy delivery pulses, i.e., pulses whose leading edges have exponential shape. Second, a calculation is performed to determine the input delay(s) between the pulses that would produce desired output delay(s). For example, it may be desirable that the pulses arrive at the respective remote ends at the same time, in which case the desired output delay(s) is (are) zero. Third, the same speedy delivery pulses are transmitted onto the respective cables so that the interpulse delay(s) conform to the computed input delay(s). Thus, the desired output delay(s) are achieved at the remote ends of the cables.



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