Life cycle assessment




Powell, Ashleigh
Singer, Brad

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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) represents an emerging methodology aimed at comprehensively evaluating the environmental impacts of products, processes, or services through their life span. In the field of architecture, this covers a project from its conception and creation through its use and maintenance, and finally to deconstruction, restoration of the site, and/or the disposal or recycling of materials. Trends in building and construction during the 20th century led to an approach that glossed over the long-term impact of design decisions; however, concerns over sustainability and the economic and environmental consequences of these decisions have led to a renewed focus on LCA's holistic approach to building design. This paper discusses why Life Cycle Assessment is essential for the creation of "mature" buildings, and explores the concepts, methods and technologies behind LCA.



Student paper for Sustainable Design Seminar/Studio, Fall 2009. Instructors: Werner Lang and Wilfred Wang.

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