Health AI for All: Conference Synthesis Report



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On April 4, 2024, the IC2 Institute convened a mix of clinicians, researchers, community advocates and students for a one-day conference exploring the opportunities and challenges of AI in health care. Conference-goers wrestled with this overarching question: How do we design and deploy Health AI to ensure that it benefits all segments of society? Panels explored how to use AI to mitigate the maternal health crisis; how to use AI to predict behavioral health crises; and how to design an inclusive health AI that benefits all segments of society. Kirsten Ostherr (Rice University) delivered the keynote, "From Lived Experiences to Risk Profiles: Locating the Humanity of Health AI" and Claudia Lucchinetti (Dell Medical School) participated in a fireside chat with S. Craig Watkins in which she emphasized the idea that community engagement is crucial at every step of the AI development process.



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